The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0
The Gravity Belt 2.0

The Gravity Belt 2.0

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    "If I move well, I play well" - Roger Federer

    Do you need to stay lower in your shots? Do your legs burn and loose their power after a  few tough rallies? Or maybe you loose your balance while playing on the run? We get it, tennis is a brilliant but tough sport!

    Find out why we've got countless weekend warriors, professional ATP/WTA players and top worldwide academies buzzing! Built by tennis players to help other tennis players succeed, you can now improve at an even faster rate! 


    • In¬†the required¬†lower playing stance you'll begin developing efficient movement technique.
    • Feel your legs burn as they build the strength required to maintain the lower athletic position.
    • Low center of gravity promotes better change of direction (agility).
    • Develop explosiveness to play back to back tough rallies.
    • Increase your¬†lung capacity for¬†big points/matches (fitness).
    • Improved fitness = better focus and smarter tennis.¬†
    • Train your first step acceleration (Speed & Power).
    • Control the ball better on the run.¬†
    • Improve your weight shift to increase the power of your shots.


    The Gravity Belt uses 0-20 kg/ 0-44 lbs of variable resistance to keep the user down in a lower, more athletic position. Simply clip on and begin training. The more you resist the tension of the bands, the harder you have to work. Naturally, you'll adopt a lower, stronger stance where you feel less resistance. This stance is known as the ideal athletic position. 


    Clip the Sprint Bungee on to the back or the sides of the Gravity Belt waist strap. You can then clip onto a fence or have someone hold the foam handle attachment. The Sprint Bungee is great for learning how to move effectively towards each shot and balancing whilst moving laterally. It is commonly used to improve lateral agility, forwards weight shift into return of serves and volleys, and general speed around the court.


    The Gravity Belt is used and/or reviewed by:


    Choose the Gravity Bands to best suit your height.

    • Adult Gravity Bands: 0-20 kgs/ 0-44 lbs of downwards resistance, (recommended for players¬†taller than 1.40m).
    • Junior Gravity Bands: 0-12kg of downwards resistance, (recommended for players shorter than 1.40m).


    (We email you this for FREE after purchase/ $150USD of training tips)


    • Material:¬†Made from 100% natural latex imported from Malaysia.

    • Comfort Tech:¬†We¬†have¬†embedded¬†super comfortable¬†foam into the waist belt and ankle straps so you can focus¬†on the tennis and not the gear!¬†

    • Resistance:¬†The three drop down D clips¬†allow you to¬†increase or decrease¬†your resistance. Push yourself to the max¬†or choose a lighter intensity to¬†suit your¬†required¬†training load. (0-20kg adult bands, 0-12kg junior bands).

    • Comes¬†in our Black RR Carry Bag.

    • One Size Fits All:¬†Our super strong velcro design was crafted to hug¬†firmly around all waist sizes. (40 cm- 116cm / XXS to XL).
    • 2 Year¬†Warranty.¬†Built to last.

    • FREE 2-6 Day Shipping Worldwide¬†(We have shipped Gravity Belts to over 20 countries worldwide).¬†



    We know you'll love your Gravity Belt! If you're not feeling it, you have 30 days to return our product for 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You will just have to cover the return shipping cost. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Stuart Wilkinson
    Great product

    I think that the clips could be slightly more heavy duty - one of mine is a little sticky (ie it doesn’t always open correctly ) and I have only had the product a week.

    Brendan Smyth
    Gravity belt

    I took a while to finally commit to buying the Gravity Belt, but after my first session with it last night, I’m pleased I did.
    It really does encourage staying low and is a good work out even on the lowest setting. Looking forward to using it more and getting the kids to use it too as I'm sure it’ll help hone their techniques. Thanks

    Gravity Belt for My Son: Almost Instant Improvement

    Purchased the Gravity Belt for my son with the aim of improving some fundamental footwork patterns / skills: staying low not just during the shot but moving both laterally and vertically; improving the explosiveness of his 'first step' as well as his cross-over step on the recovery and general weight transfer through the ball. Whilst we have only been using the belt for a few weeks, the improvement in the areas of focus was almost instant- there is still work to do be done but the trajectory of results is incredibly promising. The workmanship of the product is also far superior to others I have seen and the additional rings (not common on other products) add a lot of versatility not only to experiment with different resistance levels but also being able to quickly snap the bands of and continue without the resistance (imperative for real muscle memory).

    Tennis Junkie
    Game Changer

    Within one session, the Gravity Belt 2.0 began correcting a bad habit. It forces engagement and improves stability. This translates into increased power.

    It is brutal on your hips and legs. You will be sore the next day (a good sore)

    Highly recommend the product for those looking to take their game to the next level.

    John Forde
    Good for the whole family

    The reason i got this product was that i was looking for something for myself and my 3 kids. Something that was low impact but would help improve power, speed and leg endurance whilst still working on tennis spacific skills. I myself have had over 20years experience as a personal trainer but am time poor as i coach my 3 kids in thier tennis journey.
    I was very impressed first with the quality and versitility of the product but then with its ability to adjust resistance for a moderate or intense workout. Although i would suggest using long socks to help with comfort if using it for prolonged periods but thats just to be picky.
    I love the way i can use the same piece of equipment for myself and all three kids aged 7, 9 and 12. I also love that i can use the gravety belt in my gym during my plyometrics and leg training. Transitioning between my kids is also easy as it is very simple to take off and put on. We can have a great workout in a very short session. I use it as a pre-fatiegue or at the end of a session to really work the legs. Also really good to help my kids keep an athletical possition throughout points and play, this helps keep good habits during our sessions. Am currently using my gravity belt 2.0 atleast 5 times a week and it now has a place in my tennis bag where i keep it always on hand.
    Great product, very happy with my purchase.
    Thanks Rynolds Resistance.

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